With the divine grace, and with the Ishta Devatha and Family Devatha's grace, and with the holy blessings of Sri Sri Paramacharya of Jagadguru Sri Kanchi Kama Koti and with the blessings of my family elders, we are running a Trust in the name of my Holy mother, Poojya Sri K.V. Seethalakshmi Thayar Srouthanushtana Trust with a Life-time sankalpam and objective to perform Nithyagnihotram and Yagas. Though we have been doing this for past several years without break, this trust is formed to widen the scope to make you to participate in all our Yagnanushtanams and to pass on the spiritual benefits to your family members and successors for generations to come.

  • Sri Agnishtoma Soma Yagam
  • Sri Adhyagnishtoma Soma Yagam
  • Sri Ukthaya Soma Yagam
  • Sri Shodasi Soma Yagam
  • Sri Aptha Vaja Peya Soma Yagam
  • Chowthramani
  • Sri Brihaspathi Sava Soma Yagam